PC-10 type circular connectors

PC-10 type circular connectors

Model No.︰PC-10

Brand Name︰KP

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 9.28 / pc

Minimum Order︰10 pc

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Product Description

PC-10 type circular connectors have the features of small size,light weight,convenient application with threaded-coupling connection.It is same as Russia  type PC-10TB, They are widely used for the electrical connection between electrical equipments and instruments.

Kaipu item of cable to box is KP30-10TPK+KP30-10ZJ.

Cable to cable is:KP30-10TPK+KP30-10ZPJ

Specifications︰ Product Ordering
PC - 10 Z
1 2 3
1.Name: PC series connectors
2.Number of contacts: 10
3. T-plug,Z-receptacle

Advantages︰ small,light,same as Russia PC-10TB.
Our item is KP30-10TPK,KP30-10ZJ.
Thread connecting with plug and receptacle.
Cheap cost.

Export Markets︰ WORLD

Pricing︰ 9.28

Payment Details︰ T/T

Min Order︰ 10pairs

Ship Date︰ 30 days

Standard Met︰ Russian PC-10TB

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