FS2 series plastic water-proof connectors

FS2 series plastic water-proof connectors

Model No.︰FS2(KP22)-T+ZP

Brand Name︰KP

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 2.8 / PAIR

Minimum Order︰10 PAIR

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Product Description

FS2 series circular connectors made of plastic shell,It can be useed in the water-proof place.We use the reliable cage clamp connection instead of the traditional wire spring.These connectors have the features of lower contact resistance,anti-libration,shock proof,water proof and strong seal etc.They are widely used for the electrical connection between electrical equipment.It has protection IP68(Test : Under water 2 m ,48 hours).Meet CE,RoHs.UL certification:E308558.Patent No.:201220427726.X.

Product Ordering

     FS  2 --   3   T -  6

       1  2      3    4      5

  1. Name of series    fs

2.Design No. :         2

3.Number of contacts 2,3,4,5,6

     4.T: Plug with sockets, ZM: Panel receptacle with solder pins,Use M12 metal hex screw,ZM1: Panel receptacle with solder pins,Use M12 Plastic hex screw, ZP:cable receptacle with solder male pins.(Z1:receptacle with crimp pins.)

5. Cable gauge:     5,6,7(The cable OD),only plug and cable receptacle meet cable.

Specifications︰ Product Ordering
FS2 — 3 T - 6
1 2 3 4 5
1. Name of series: FS
2.Design No. : 2
3.Number of contacts: 2,3,4,5,6
4.T: Plug with sockets, Z: receptacle with pins,ZP:cable receptacle with pins
5. Wire gauge: 5,6,7

Advantages︰ small size,light weight;

The length of FS2-3T/3ZP is 72mm.
IP68,Under water 1m.
Meet CE,RoHs.UL file:E308558.Patent No.:201220427726.X.

Pricing︰ us$2.8

Payment Details︰ t/t

Min Order︰ 10

Ship Date︰ 5 day

Standard Met︰ IP68

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